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Questions To Ask A Plastic Surgeon Before Surgery

When you buy a car, you search for what fits your taste and budget. The same applies when you want to repair or service the car. We tend to ask the mechanic a lot of questions about what can be done or avoided, which all boils down to a budget. Ironically, however, most people do not ask as many questions when they intend to undergo surgery. In this article, we shall consider some of the questions you need to ask both yourself and the plastic surgeon.

Do I need this operation?

Plastic surgeons will recommend procedures that are critical for the survival of the patient. Let us say if the patient is having a breathing problem, they are recommended to have a nose job commonly known as rhinoplasty. Another case could be when a patient had a cancer tumor removed and there is need to repair the skin or the removed tissue, then a plastic surgeon’s skills will be critical. However, there are other times a surgery can be done by a general surgeon, such as when a patient undergoes a burn accident.

How qualified is the doctor?

Many patients shy away from asking this critical question. Qualified practitioners have credentials well known by the board within the state they operate in. In the case of Australia, one becomes a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons – FRACS whose details are in the public domain. This should make you more confident when talking to your doctor.

How many more similar procedures has the doctor performed?

Procedure evidence is done by photographic proof taken before and after the procedure. When a plastic surgeon is on the path to becoming a certified member, one of the recommendations are the pictures of successful procedure(s) taken during his time of practice. Since these surgeons specialize in certain areas of your body like for example facial lifts, they will tend to have several pictures as proof that they have been successful before.

Do you have the discipline to follow the doctor’s instructions?

The recovery process is a two-way traffic. The fist is by the doctor through follow up and checkups (regular), the other by you as a patient by sticking to clear instructions. For instance if the doctor directs you to follow a certain diet plan for weeks or months, kindly do so. Also, there are some procedures that will require you not to smoke or drink any kind of alcohol until you are fully recovered.


There are situations that need a plastic surgeon’s attention and there are those that can be handled by a general surgeon. Take for example if your child gets a small bruise when being delivered, it doesn’t necessarily call for a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgery doesn’t come cheap, so it’s important to get the most out of the service you’ve signed up for and get the best person to get the job done. Remember, a healthy engagement with your doctor will keep you on the right path throughout the treatment journey.

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